Welcome to Miles City

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January 25 @ 6:00P.M. 

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Meeting ID: 406 234 3462 Passcode: 59301

Welcome to our city with approximately 8,264 residents.
We have a rich western heritage along with modern hospitality.

Thank you for visiting our website and hope you can find everything you need.
If not, please contact us at

For Payments of water/sewer, building permits, etc.
Please specify whICH department the payment needs to be applied TO.
 Use the drop off box behind City Hall or in the lobby of Albertsons.

Payments can also be made online at:
PayGov.us.  A 2.5% fee will be accessed.

Mayor             874-8603                               mayor@milescity-mt.org
Clerk                874-8602                               cityclerk@milescity-mt.org
HR/Payroll      874-8601                               lwilkins@milescity-mt.org
Water/Sewer  874-8607 or 874-8608        ubc@milescity-mt.org
Treasurer       874-8606                               jmoorehead@milescity-mt.org
City Court       234-5939                               gkrezelak@mt.gov

Engineering & Operations, Planning, Flood Plain Administrator, Historic Preservation/TIF and Utilities can be reached at 234-3493  

Street Department  234-2934
Parks Department    234-1649
Fire Department       234-2235
Police Department   234-6273
Dispatch                      234-3411


The City of Miles City is accepting proposals from interested parties to provide contract janitorial services to the following City of Miles City facilities:

Police Station, 419 N. 7th St, Miles City, Montana

To obtain a copy of Request for Proposal No. 2021-01, please contact the Procurement Officer:

Doug Colombik

Police Chief

P.O. Box 910

Miles City, MT. 59301 (406) 234-6273

All proposals must be submitted by the deadline of:  January 21st at 5:00 p.m. MST.  All proposals must conform to the requirements of Request for Proposal No. 2021-01, available at the locations set forth above.

The City of Miles City is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

DATED this 6th day of January, 2022.

Mary Rowe, City Clerk