Parks & Recreation

Snow Removal Routes

Denton Field (3.7 acres)

Established in 1941: oldest and most majestic ball field in Montana. Home of Maverick, MCC Pioneer baseball, MCYBA Babe Ruth baseball, and CCDHS Football. All levels of high school and junior high football are played on this field. The biannual Mon-Dak All-star football game is played in Denton. Countless numbers of children set foot on this turf. Underground sprinkling and well-balanced soil.

Wibaux (7.3 acres)

Picnic shelter area with bathrooms, playground, wading pool (The Frog Pound), picnic shelter, bathrooms, fountain, basketball court and underground sprinkling.

Riverside Park or City Park (8.4 acres)

Picnic shelter area, playground, gazebo, bathrooms, horseshoe pit, basketball court, major community outdoor events
(high compaction- Bucking Horse Sale, Car Show, 4th of July events), and underground sprinkling.

Scanlin Lake Swimming Pool

50 meter lake, 11 million gallon lake, pump, buildings, maintenance and improvements. Two acres of grassland around lake
that we mow and weed-eat.

Cook Lake

7 million gallon lake with 3 acres of
mowed and weed-eated area around it.

Bender Park

Three softball fields (6.6 acres of turf grass) 23 acres of total land from trailer site to dog pound and all around the soccer fields. The Parks Department mows the dry grassland. Adult Coed Softball, CCDHS softball, Little Guy Football, Garfield School play days, building, restrooms, storage shop, concession stand, underground sprinkling, picnic and concession grass area.

Water Plant Park

Turf grass (2.2 acres) with 15 acres of City land in all. Includes prairie dog town (Stanley Field), picnic area, horseshoe pit, bathrooms and is a major site for large community gatherings.

Jaycee Park

Athletic Field of 4.5 acres. Two little league baseball fields and a practice field for CCDHS and Little Guy Football. CCDHS Football practice takes a tole on this field.

Legion Park

6 total acres (2 acres turf), tennis courts, ice rink, old hockey rink area, nursery, and 2 acres turf around American Legion Building. Park shop, 4 outbuildings, irrigated by hand with 3-inch pipe.


Aesthetics only (.25 acres), owned by BN railroad, turf, sidewalks, underground sprinkling. City maintains grass and sidewalks for BN.

Triangle Park

Playground (0.33 acre), ages 4-12, picnic, sidewalks, grass, and underground sprinkling.

Tedesco Park

(3 acres) Babe Ruth baseball, fall MCC Pioneer baseball, and
underground sprinkling.

Lynam Circle

(0.10 acres) Subdivision, underground sprinkling, volunteer maintained, City blows out sprinkler system.

Tot Lot

(0.71 acres) Subdivision grounds, grass, with underground sprinkling.

Spotted Eagle

120 acres, 23 acres of Lake.
The Miles City Parks Department cleans bathrooms,
weed-eats, mows and halls garbage.

Veterans Park

(0.50 acres)- Underground sprinkling, drinking fountain, Gazebo, Christmas tree-set up. High compaction for community events/gatherings.

Anderson Park

(0.25 acres) Grass, sidewalk.

Main Street Trees

Added during the Parks Study for downtown beautification.

Off Ramp Park-Broadus interchange

Underground sprinkling, mowing, weed-eating and pulling of weeds.

Soccer Complex

11 acres of manicured turf.

Milwaukee Park

5 acres of trees with an irrigation drip system, City provides minimal care to Park, mostly volunteer work to sustain Folf Course.

Tree Nursery

Behind Tedesco field the City maintains a tree nursery.

To summarize all these parks: We have 28.8 acres of ball fields, 43.68 acres of green parks for a total of 61.48 acres of turf grass. The size of a small irrigated farm. We also have approximately 115 acres of native dry land grass and weeds that have to be mowed.