Florence Stacy Fountain Remodel- Wibaux Park



Help restore one of Miles City's treasures. To learn more about how you can donate today, please go to our Wibaux Fountain Restoration project page on the City's website at https://milescity-mt.org/florence-stacy-fountain-remodel-wibaux-park/: Or, contact us directly and we will provide you with all the infomation you need to help restore the Florence Stacy Memorial Fountain in Wibaux Park. Thank you for your help.

Posted by Miles City Historic Preservation Office on Saturday, January 7, 2017


One of Miles City’s most cherished landmarks, the Florence Stacy Memorial Fountain in Wibaux Park is in need of restoration.     The fountain was gifted to the City by L. W. Stacy in memoriam of Florence, his daughter, who passed away in 1913.  Since that time, almost 100 years ago, the Fountain has been a place for daydreams, contemplation, romance and meeting friends in Miles City. The lovely music of bubbling water in the beautiful setting of Wibaux Park has cast a magical spell for many, many Miles City generations.  It has lured our youth and the young at heart to splash, laugh and play, or perhaps just dip fingers or toes while thinking.

History of Wibaux Park and the Stacy Fountain

Fountain Damage