Public Ordinances

Miles City Ordinances

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Individual Ordinances

1315 Ordinance Floodplain Revisions

1313 Ordinance Fireworks Within City Limits

1312 Ordinance Salary of City Council Members

1311 Ordinance Zoning Map and Text Amendment

1310 Ordinance-FAILED-Hoofman Rezone

1309 Ordinance Utility Rule Owner’s Consent Annexation

1308 Ordinance Water Sewer Policy

1307 Ordinance 2016 1109 Airport Zoning

1306 Ordinance 2016 1011 Zoning Update

1305 Ordinance 2016 1011 Fire Repository Units

1304 Ordinance 2016 0927 Public Nuisance

1303 Ordinance 2016 0308 Agenda Preparation

1302 Ordinance 2016 0209 Veto

1301 Ordinance 2016 0209 Capital Improvement Fund

1300 Ordinance 2015 1110 Downtown Urban Renewal Agency

1299 Ordinance 2015 1013 Extend Deadline of Emergency

1298 Ordinance 2015 0811 Firearms Discharge

1297 Ordinance 2015 0811 Zoning Clark Addition

1296 Ordinance 2015 0714 Alcohol Drug BreathBlood Test

1295 Ordinance 2015 0512 Water and Sewer Services Accounts

1294 Ordinance 2015 0512 Urban Renewal District

1293 Ordinance 2015 0428 Establishing Wages Mayor City Judge City Treasurer

1292 Ordinance 2015 0428 Revising Advertisement for Bids

1291 Ordinance FAILED 2015 0414 Increase in City Council Pay

1290 Interim Ordinance 2015 0414 Sexually Oriented Business

Ordinance 1289 Enacting Section 17-114 of City Code Requiring Liability Insurance for Park Permits

1288 Ordinance FAILED 0324 BOARD OF APPEALS pay

1287 Ordinance 2015 0324 Revising Section 24-6 through 24-10 of the Code of Ord with respect to amendment of zoning chapter or district map

1286 Ordinance 2015 0210- Emeline Rezone, 816 Atlantic Lots 9, 0, 11, 12 Block 86 of Original Townsite from Residential A to General Commercial

1286 Ordinance 2015 0210- STAFF REPORT Emeline Rezone, 816 Atlantic Lots 9, 0, 11, 12 Block 86 of Original Townsite from Residential A to General Commercial

1285 Ordinance – 2015 0113 – Change zoning from mixed zones to heavy comercial zone for Ponderosa tracts, Hardesty tracts – Sanjel

1284 Ordinance-2014 1223-to allow alternate forms of surety for persons making utility connections

1283 Ordinance-2014 1223-Changing zoning on Leighton Boulevard for Thomas Moore from Agriculture to Semi Rural

1282 Ordinance-2014 1125-Rezone for S Hwy 59, Brad Certain II

1281 Ordinance-2014 1125-Rezone for National Guard Armory, Armory subdivision

1280 Ordinance 2014 1112 Set Speed Limits in School Zones

1279 Ordinance 2014 1028 Creating & adopting urban renewal district and plan including a TIF tax increment district

1278 Ordinance 2014 0909 2012 Fire Code Adoption

1277 Ordinance 2014 0923 Water Sewer Policy 3rd Revision

1277 Ordinance 2014 0923 Exhibit for Water Sewer Policy 3rd Revision

1275 Ordinance 2014 0812 Brad Certain Rezone

1274 Ordinance 2014 0624 Refusal to Submit to Alcohol or Blood Test

1273 Ordinance 2014 0624 An Ordinance Enacting A New Section 20-11 Of The Code Of Ordinances Of The City Of Miles City, Entitled “Maintenance Of Public Right Of Way”

No. 1272:  NUMBER ABANDONEDLiability coverage for special events – on hold

1271 Ordinance 2014 0527 Revised Flood Code

1270 Ordinance 2014 0527 Diamond J Rezone (2) – DENIED

No. 1269 – NUMBER ABANDONED Fire Regs – on hold

1268 Ordinance 2014 0513 Rezone of Blk 5 of Southgate from local commercial to general commercial

1267 Ordinance 2014 0422 Subdivision Regs

1266 Ordinance 2014 0422 Bypass of Committee Review of Ordinances

1265 Ordinance 2014 0408 Setting New Ambulance Rates

1264 Ordinance-2014 0325-Adopting new floodplain and floodway regulations

1263 Ordinance-2014 0325-Change Amount of Water Reconnect Fee

1262 Ordinance-2014 0325- Amending rules and regulations of public utility department – water and sewer

1261 Ordinance-2013 1210-Zone Change for Bobcat Property at Southgate

1260 Ordinance-2013 1126-Revise Planning Ordinance No 1252

1259 Ordinance for 15 mph speed limits 2013 1022

1258 Ordinance-2013 1022-Provide for Site Plan Review Process

ORDINANCE 1257:  2013 1008 NOT PASSED   Revise definition of deadly weapon

ORDINANCE 1256:  2013 1008 NOT PASSED  Restrict open carry and display of firearms by minors

Ordinance No. 1255 Revising the Code of Ordinances with respect to allowable heights of fences, hedges and visual obstructions 2013 0924

1254 Ordinance for Preservation Officer to be under Supervision of the Mayor


Ordinance 1252-061113_Revise code of ordinances to conform to state statute


Ordinance 1250_021213_Revise Sec. 16-43 of City Code to prohibit discharge of firearms on City owned or leased lands within 3 miles of City limits except approved shooting ranges

Ordinance 1249_021213_Restricting the budgeting and expenditure of General Fund Cash Reserves

Ordinance 1248_121112_Amending Sec. 22-2(2) of City Code amending designation of arterial streets in City

Ordinance 1246_072412_Amending ord. 796 to change zoning of W 171 feet of Lots, C,D and E, Lothspeich Minor Subdivision located between Haynes and Miles Community College, from C Res. to Gen. Commercial.

Ordinance 1245_072412_Amending ordinance 796 to change zoning of Tract 2A, JE Morrison Tracts, located on the SW corner of Haynes Avenue and Leighton Blvd bordering W by Legion Ave from Heavy Comm. to Gen Comm

Ordinance 1244_071012_Amending Ord. 796 to change zoning of a portion of Tract 2B of Hardesty Tracts from General Commercial to Industrial

Ordinance 1243_071012_Amending Ord. 796 to change zoning of Lots 1-8, Block 11, Richland Addition from Mobile Home Residential (MH-A) to Light Industrial (LI)

Ordinance 1242_062612_ Amending Sec. 18-28 regarding compensation of police commission

Ordinance 1241_061212_ Granting MDU a 10 year franchise agreement

Ordinance 1240_050812_Prohibiting parking of motor vehicles and campers upon private property for camping and sleeping purposes

Ordinance 1239_052212_Amending ordinance 796 to change the zoning of Tract 1 of certificate 63949 located in SW14 S23,T8N,R47E from General Commercial to Industrial

Ordinance 1238_032712_Amending Ord. 796 to change the zoning of Lots 6- 15, Block 12, Miles Addition and Lots 6 – 10 and W 12 Lots 11 – 14, Block 12, Clark Add from A Residential to General Commercial

Ordinance 1237_041012_Amending Section 5.4(B)(3) of the Floodplain Ordinance re Residences in Floodway Fringe (Amd 3-27)

Ordinance 1236_042412_ Revising Code sections regarding weapons to conform to state law (Amnd 4-10-12)

Ordinance 1235_041012_permitting beer and wine sales at KOA Kampgrounds

Ordinance 1234_022812_ Amending Provisions as to City Planning Board

Ordinance 1233_032712_Authorizing imposition of development impact fees to fund capital improvements in the City and establishing procedure for fees and appeal of such fees

Ordinance 1232_032712_Amending Section 4.7 of the Floodplain Ordinance re Notice of Violations

Ordinance 1231_021412_Amending Sec. 22-2 City Code to Define Arterial Streets

Ordinance 1230_061212_Amending definition of Kennel, defining Animal Rescue Shelters, providing permit process and regulating operations

Ordinance 1229_041012_Establishing 15 mph speed limit on Pearl

Ordinance 1228_122711_Change Purchasing Policy

Ordinance 1227_032712_Revising animal control chapter in regard to keeping of chickens

Ordinance 1173_092308_Amending Subdivision Regulations