Flood Control

Sam Malenovsky, Floodplain Administrator
Phone 406-874-8617

Miles City’s new DFIRM mapss took effect July 22, 2010.  With this change, the floodplain encompasses a large part of Miles City with approximately 79% of structures currently being in the floodplain and approximately 5% of them within the floodway.  This new change has caused a lot of citizens to purchase flood insurance or to have their property surveyed to see if they qualify for a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) which shows that their structure or property is outside of the floodplain.  Many questions and concerns have been talked about and we would be more than happy to listen to your concerns or questions.  Please use one of the contacts below.

Joint Application Instructions 6515

Joint Application 6515

Miles City Flood Assessment Study

Radio Interview with Flood Plain Administrator Sam Malenovsky & Insurance Agent Dannette Cremer 

FloodSmart Website 

Army Corps of Engineers  

Association of Montana Floodplain Managers   

DNRC- Floodplain Management  Flood Control Agenda 201732

ASFPM Summary of NFIP Bill

2012 NFIP Reform Act

Publications available at the library for public use

FEMA Website

National Floods Website

Flood Control Website

Flood Plain Committee

Ward I

Ken Gardner
Phone 406-234-8359 home, 406-853-8390 cell
Email dogwisper67@yahoo.com

Ward II

Rick Huber
Phone 406-234-6547
Email rjhuber@gmail.com

Ward III

Jeff Erlenbush
Phone 406-853-2631
Email jrerlenbusch@gmail.com

Ward IV

Brant Kassner
Phone 406-861-3600
Email remington97@hotmail.com

Flood-Related City Ordinance

1320 Ordinance Enacting New Section 12 to Flood

4086 Resolution Revised Floodplain Permit Fees

Ordinance 1222_071211_Amending Zoning Provisions to Conform with Floodplain Ordinance

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Download/View Flood Plain Committee Minutes