City Audit report: Part One and Part Two

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Finance oversees the financial information and clerical duties for the Mayor and City Council.  It assists the Mayor in executing the policies set by the City Council.

Lorrie Pearce, City Clerk
Phone 406-874-8602

Linda Wilkins, Deputy Clerk/Human Resources
Phone 406-874-8601

Ally Capps, Payroll Officer/Account Payable
Phone 406-874-8609

Rebecca Hart, Office Clerk

Phone 406-874-8620

FY15-16 Final Budget Revenue

FY15-16 Final Budget Expenditures


Finance Committee

Ward I

Susan Galbraith, Chairperson
Phone 406-234-9288 home

Ward II

Rick Huber
Phone 406-232-6547

Ward III

Kathy Wilcox
Phone 406-234-5686 home

Ward IV

Dwayne Andrews
Phone 406-852-0325 cell

Click Here for Finance Committee Agendas

Click Here for Finance Committee Minutes


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